Delusion and reality

›El Fulgor‹ challenges the limits of what is possible

World premiere number 2 kicks off: Martín Farina's symphony of reality and delusion ›El Fulgor‹ sets out to push the boundaries of cinema once again, telling of the relationship between man and beast, violence and desire, in swirling, dialogue-free images carried by swelling and falling film music. Farina will present the film in person at the Atlantis today at 6:45 pm.

In the anniversary programme, the metropolitan premiere of the melancholic study ›The Future is a Lonely Place‹ will be screened at 6:15pm at Stadthaus N1. The directing duo Martin Hawie and Laura Harwarth will then talk about their remarkable contribution to the revenge and prison film genre, offering a deep insight into their creative process.

The film of the hour, on the other hand, is probably Maureen Fazendeiro and Miguel Gomes with ›The Tsugua Diaries‹: In their film about the Corona summer of 2020, the two icons of cinema present a mischievous look behind the scenes of filmmaking. There will be even more insight into the art of film immediately afterwards when director Miguel Gomes takes questions from the audience after the screening at 6 pm in the Gloria and chats out of the closet.