The Tsugua Diaries

Diários de Otsoga

Director: Miguel Gomes, Maureen Fazendeiro
Country: Portugal

German Premiere
2021 | 102 min. | Portuguese, Romanian
Subtitles: English, German

Cast_ Crista Alfaiate, Carloto Cotta, João Nunes Monteiro Screenplay_ Maureen Fazendeiro, Miguel Gomes, Mariana Ricardo Camera_ Mário Castanheira Producer_ Luís Urbano, Filipa Reis, Sandro Aguilar, João Miller Guerra Rights_ The Match Factory

Who gets to kiss whom in the summer of 2020? In search of mindfulness, community and joie de vivre, this cinematic diary follows a trio of characters backwards through time.

A tempting proposition: let’s replay the summer. Shady trees, leaves rustled by the wind, shades of green and yellow. Two men and a woman dance, they circle one another, they flirt. Then they plan a party. There’s lots to do in the garden of the vacation home. Like filling the pool with water. Or building an enclosure for butterflies to the rhythm of a summery guitar. The three characters bicker. And suddenly the trio are no longer alone. People who usually remain behind the camera are now part of the story: the sound man wants to say something, the director lies on the couch, the film reveals its own making. A crisis meeting is called because someone on the crew broke the Corona rules. The look behind the scenes is mischievous, nobody takes themselves seriously. How pleasant in a year that forced a universal self-reckoning.


Maureen Fazendeiro, geboren 1989, lebt zwischen Lissabon und Paris und ist mit
experimentellen Filmen wie ›Motu Maeva‹ und ›Sol Negro‹ international bekannt
geworden. Miguel Gomes, Jahrgang 1972, ist ein portugiesischer Regisseur,
Grenzgänger zwischen Spiel- und Dokumentarfilm, etwa mit ›Tabu‹ und ›1001


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  • Monday 15.11.202117:15MannheimMACineplex Planken

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