THE WOMAN WHO RAN is online!

Starting today you can stream the latest film by IFFMH veteran Hong Sangsoo on EXPANDED.

Who is the woman running? Watch as Gamhee travels without her husband for the first time in five years - that's how long she has been married. He is on a business trip and the two are separated for several days for the first time. Gamhee visits two old friends and meets a third. They talk about their lives, love and men. The latter are only marginally mentioned in this work, however, and more as troublemakers.

Hong Sangsoo, now 60 years old, was already participating in the IFFMH competition in 2002 with Saenghwalui balgyeon. Now, 18 years later, The Woman Who Ran impressively illustrates what the section PUSHING THE BOUNDARIES stands for. It stands for the testing of artistic and cinematic boundaries and the return of former discoveries from Mannheim. The Woman Who Ran was awarded the Silver Bear for best director at the Berlinale at the beginning of the year.


The film is available in Korean and with optional German or English subtitles.

Please note:
The stream must be started between 6 and 10 PM.

Started within this period, the film can be watched for up to six hours.

The film is rented per day, so there are a total of four dates to rent the film.