Politics and paranoia

Films about escape and corruption

Before Christian Petzold's ›Transit‹, there was already a film adaptation of Anna Seghers' novel of the same name about German emigrants during the Second World War. We are pleased to show ›Escape Route to Marseille‹ at Cinema Quadrat today at 1:30 pm as part of our retrospective - a fascinating mix of feature and documentary film starring Katharina Thalbach and Rüdiger Vogler. The directors Ingemo Engström and Gerhard Theuring will be present at the screening.

Politically explosive is also the topic in ›The Replacement‹ to: Director Óscar Aibar plays knowledgeably and elegantly with the motifs of the police film and paranoia thriller, developing the dazzlingly multifaceted portrait of a society between upheaval and corruption. The historical perspective suddenly makes German and Spanish fascism seem not so distant. At 6:15 pm at the Cineplex Planken, director and actor Ricardo Gómez ask about their work.