Extra Screening ›Pacifiction‹

We offer you an extra screening!

You were absolutely thrilled by ›Pacifiction‹ - and you thanked us with sold-out cinemas and lively conversations. For all those who have not yet seen the film and want to convince themselves of the somnambulistic and sensual power of Albert Serra's film worlds, we have prepared a special treat:

Due to high demand and two sold-out screenings, there will be an additional screening of ›Pacifiction‹ at Karlstorkino Süd in Heidelberg on Saturday, 26.11 at 12:00.

To get you in the mood (or to follow up), we have also prepared a short interview. In Taxi, Albert Serra talks about Andy Warhol, the limits of cinema, what "New Film Experience" means to him and gives an insight into his working process as a filmmaker. Don't miss it!