Lesung: Stephanie Schneider "Grimm und Möhrchen"

18.11.2023 11:00

At the beginning of the “Grimm and Möhrchen” stories, a zedonk (yes, zedonks really exist!) named Möhrchen suddenly appears in the store of the bookseller Grimm and moves in with him, bringing a lot of excitement into his life. In the latest and fourth volume of the series, “Ein Möhrchen im Gemüsebett”, the little zedonk can’t sleep. Grimm tries every trick he can think of: they sing, they romp around, and finally – of course – they cuddle all zedonkingly. Because a really good night’s sleep is only possible when you have a warm and fuzzy feeling in your belly.


  • AvailableSaturday 18.11.202311:00with GuestsMannheimMAAlte Feuerwache