Cinephiles Quartett

24.11.2023 16:00

Well-known people discuss films in front of a small audience. For four years now, the Hauptverband Cinephilie has been hosting this format curated by Sarah Adam and Jens Geiger. The goal is to cultivate talking about cinema in all its breadth. In this edition, three films from the IFFMH's program will be discussed. The guests are not from the cinema industry. Talking about cinema is thus detached from the circle of experts, accessible to more people and can also be experienced sensually - similar to a conversation at a bar after a visit to the cinema with friends. One of the participants will be Juri Knorr, the 23-year-old national handball player and star of the Rhein-Neckar Löwen. The moderator is film scholar and critic David Kleingers. 

This event will be in German.


  • AvailableFriday 24.11.202316:00with GuestsMannheimMAFestival-Lounge