Safe Place

Sigurno mjesto

Director: Juraj Lerotić
Country: Croatia

2022 | 102 min. | Croatian
Subtitles: English, German

Cast_ Snježana Sinovčić Šiškov, Goran Marković, Juraj Lerotić Screenplay_ Juraj Lerotić Camera_ Marko Brdar Producer_ Miljenka Čogelja Rights_ Cercamon

A young man gradually succumbs to the darkness of his mind – but his brother and mother won’t think of giving up on him. One of the best films of the year!

Damir wants to end his life, but his brother Bruno saves him at the last possible moment. While Damir continues to look for an escape, his family tries to keep him in this world. Together they struggle with uncaring doctors and suspicious police officers, but Damir becomes shrouded ever more in his psychosis. This moving drama is a story about a person who withdraws from life, told in images that deny us a direct view of the world. People appear blurred behind frosted glass, flicker in reflections, are nearly swallowed up by rows of houses. From the very first shot, director Juraj Lerotić displays his mastery of the magical powers of cinema, making a game of revealing and concealing, of seeing and suspecting. The contorted images heighten the suspense in a story full of inklings and doubts. ›Safe Place‹ is a remarkable debut, both resolute and unpredictable, stark and yet free.


Juraj Lerotić, born in Kiel in 1978, studied philosophy before turning to cinema. ›Safe Place‹, the Croatian director’s feature-film debut, received the award for best first feature in Locarno in 2022 and the top award in Sarajevo. The director himself plays the leading role in the film.


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