GIRLS GO MOVIE Film Special 2020

Director: Verschiedene
Country: Germany

2020 | 90 min. | German
FSK ab 12

Cast_ Verschiedene | Various Screenplay_ Verschiedene | Various Camera_ Verschiedene | Various Producer_ Verschiedene | Various Rights_ Girls Go Movie

How do girls aged 12-17 see the world? Like young women aged 18-27? What are their themes and fantasies?

We present young women filmmakers through their ingenious and humorous short film contributions, in an "elementarily extraordinary time".

Many of the films were made within the framework of the GGM film coaching and support programme, which brought forth impressive works that captivate with their daring and individuality. External submissions are also included. The films make up a selection from the current Short Film Festival 2020.

Free entry!

The GIRLS GO MOVIE Online short film festival takes place on 14 & 15 November on the GGM Vimeo channel. All information and the programme brochure can be found at: