Director: Ruthy Pribar
Country: Israel

German Premiere
2020 | 85 min. | Hebrew & Russian
Subtitles: German, English
FSK 18

Cast_ Alena Yiv, Shira Haas, Tamir Mulla Screenplay_ Ruthy Pribar Camera_ Daniella Nowitz Producer_ Yoav Roeh Rights_ Intramovies

When the common path risks coming to an unexpected end: a sensitive drama about a mother and daughter who, in dealing with a grave illness, struggle for normality and dignity.

Asia, a nurse, gazes forlorn out of the window of the clinic, lights from the night time city reflect on the glass. She’s on the phone with her daughter Vika (Shira Haas, known from Unorthodox), who is bedridden at home, seriously ill. Their relationship is tense. But the fact of Vika's life being at risk offers them a chance at reconciliation.

In her debut, Ruthy Pribar delicately conveys the effort required to admit one’s loss of strength and accept help. And what strength it takes to fully dedicate oneself to someone in need despite personal problems. A touching portrait of how to deal with the approach of death that avoids simplifications and exaggerations. With great empathy, the director shows how the act of balancing between loving one’s life and caring for others can be both a challenge and an opportunity for tightening bonds.


Ruthy Pribar, born in 1982, is a filmmaker from Beer-Sheva, Israel. Her graduation film at the Sam Spiegel Film School, Last Calls, won awards at numerous festivals in 2012. Asia, her first feature, premiered online at this year's Tribeca Film Festival, where Shira Haas received the prize for best actress.