A Woman

Une femme de notre temps

Director: Jean-Paul Civeyrac
Country: France

2022 | 96 min. | French
Subtitles: English, German

Cast_ Sophie Marceau, Johan Heldenbergh, Cristina Flutur, Héloïse Bousquet, Michaël Erpelding Screenplay_ Jean-Paul Civeyrac Camera_ Pierre-Hubert Martin Producer_ Frédéric Niedermayer, Oury Milshtein Rights_ Kinology

Sophie Marceau, armed with bow and arrow: the competitive archer and police inspector Juliane resorts to drastic means when she discovers her husband’s infidelity. A Hitchcockian homage full of surprises.

Juliane Verbeck (Sophie Marceau) is a successful woman on all levels: as author, police inspector, competitive archer, and in her private life together with her husband Hugo (Johan Heldenbergh). Above all, she has an unerring moral compass. But when she starts suspecting her husband of a double life, the needle trips up.

Director Jean-Paul Civeyrac and his star Sophie Marceau venture into unusual territory: with affectionate borrowings from Alfred Hitchcock, Brian De Palma, and Douglas Sirk, they combine melodrama with the revenge thriller. Even the orchestral score harks back to these role models. The result is a highly topical film that reinterprets genre templates, underlining nuances and discovering wholly new images.


Jean-Paul Civeyrac is a film director and professor at the famous film school La Femis in Paris. His work pays particular attention to music and the bodies of actors. His many internationally acclaimed films include ›Through the Forest‹ (2005) and ›A Paris Education‹ (2018).


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  • Sunday 27.11.202215:00HeidelbergHDLuxor (Crown)

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