Student Jury

Omar Alsawadi

Omar Alsawadi is from Syria and studies media and communication in Mannheim. For EuphratesPost, he works on visual content as a volunteer. Since 2015, he has been making small films and producing documentaries.

Omar Alsawadi | © Annalena Kreischer

Steve Bache

Steve Bache was trained as a design assistant for media/communication at the AiK Dresden. He worked as an assistant director for ›WhoAmI‹and ›System Crasher‹ , among others. He completed his directing studies with ›Fatjona‹ at FABW in 2021.

Steve Bache | © Steve Bache

Clara Schmid

After graduating from high school, Clara Schmid worked as a volunteer at the Württemberg State Museum for one year. Since 2019, she has been studying media and communication in Mannheim. Her first publication will be published in 2022.

Clara Schmid | © Johannes Diehl