Ecumenical Award

This award is given to a work in the ON THE RISE competition that demonstrates high artistic quality and expresses a human point of view that is in line with the Scriptures or encourages an examination of the biblical tradition and sensitises the audience to spiritual, social or ethical values.

This award is presented by the Ecumenical Jury, which consists of five members of the inter-church film networks INTERFILM and SIGNIS. Mannheim is one of the first film festivals ever to establish a church jury: The church jury has been present at the film festival in Mannheim (and later Mannheim-Heidelberg) since 1963, initially under the name INTERFILM, and since 1995 together with the Catholic partner organisation SIGNIS as the Ecumenical Jury.

This is our Ecumenical Jury 2022!

Chantal Laroche Poupard, Paris

Film critic for and for the team of Ecumenical Jury during the Cannes Film Festival. She was jury member of SIGNIS for Cinelatino and Populi e Religioni in Terni Italy. She is a member of the team of the film club “Open world : crossed views”. She was a member of the organizing team of the Eurafriclap Festival; “A week of euro-african movies in Paris” (2020-2017). She was general delegate of the AAFEE, the “Association des Amis du Festival de Films d’auteurs, L’Europe autour de l’Europe” (2017-2010).

As a member of the European Education Association, she is the author of an European concept of communication; she gave courses on German cinema; she also gives lectures in the cultural context of the Church.

Bärbel Mauch, Berlin

Born 1964, studied art and Romance studies. In 2001 she founded the production company BÄRBEL MAUCH FILM. She works as a producer, curator and consultant.
Since 1984, she has worked at film festivals, including Französische Filmtage Tübingen (Africa section and selection committee). Collaboration with ISKRA/Paris (production, distribution and sales). She organises workshops on documentary filmmaking and presents German Documentaries at festivals on the African continent in cooperation with AG DOK and German Films. She co-produced international award-winning films as “The Colonial Misunderstanding”, “Faro - Goddess of the Waters”, “Jean Gentil” and “Kinshasa Makambo” (Berlinale 2018).

Peter Muszatics, Budapest

Born 1976, DLA studied in Budapest at University of Theatre and Film (Szfe) and in Prague at FAMU. He published dozens of articles and essays and is the author of three books, including “Vienna, Budapest, Hollywood - Austria-Hungary's impact on the American cinema”. As a film historian he is expert of the early Hollywood film and the Central European cinema. Peter is the programme director of the Hungarian Motion Picture Festival, curator of the annual Budapest Classics and one of the main organizers of CineFest Miskolc, Hungary's leading international film festival.