Ecumenical Jury

Gergely Hajnal

Chairs filmclubs, writes film reviews
Developed: Faludi Film Festival
Co-established: Szóts István Film Workshop
Works as: senior program manager (TV)

Gergely Hajnal | © Gergely Hajnal

Michael Kranzusch

Since 2004 Pastor in: Adendorf
Has been member of the editorial staff of: Kunstinfo – war
Has been member of: AK Kirche, Künste, Kultur
Co-Founder of: AK Kirche & Film
Jury member for INTERFILM in: Oberhausen, Lübeck

Michael Kranzusch | © Michael Kranzusch

Uta Losem

Legal advisor in the Commissariat of German Bishops, Catholic Office in Berlin
Responsible for: media (film) & culture
Member of the Catholic Film Commission for Germany

Uta Losem | © Uta Losem

Mina Radovic

Archivist, critic and doctoral researcher at: Goldsmiths, University of London
Founder and director of: Liberating Cinema UK
Contributes to journals and covers film festivals

Mina Radović | © Mina Radović