The radical and the in-between

Follow us to Heidelberg for Bettina Brokemper's tribute and an intense double feature including a world premiere!

Today at 6pm at Luxor 2 Bettina Brokemper will be honoured at the screening of Margarethe von Trotta's ›Hannah Arendt‹ as one of the most incisive voices within the European film industry. With her work as a producer, the Cologne native has always championed the art of film beyond pleasing arthouse trends, not only with her company Heimatfilm - she has been involved in all Lars von Trier projects since ›Dogville‹.

In competition ON THE RISE, today at 5:30 pm at Luxor 1, director Rodrigo de Oliveira and his team present the world premiere of the LGBTQ drama ›The First Fallen‹ about the beginning of the AIDS epidemic. In the Brazilian's second feature film, proverbial borders are overcome: between genders, between times, between fantasy and reality. Immediately following the world premiere, the film continues with ›My Night‹ at Luxor 1 at 9pm continues in a dreamlike and playful way: the directorial debut of one of Europe's most successful casters, Antoinette Boulat, brings a breath of fresh air to French cinema and is reminiscent of the Nouvelle Vague. After the screening there will be an opportunity to talk to director Boulat and leading actress Lou Lampros. We are only too happy to recommend this versatile double feature to you!