Streaming tips for the weekend

›The Tsugua Diaries‹ and ›Dustin‹ now available at MUBI

If you are still looking for the right film material for the long weekend, you might find it at our media partner MUBI: In Naïla Guiguet's short film debut ›Dustin‹, a group of young people celebrate a techno party in an old warehouse. In the course of the night, the transwoman Dustin not only begins to doubt her relationship, but also has to assert herself within her circle of friends.

Afterwards, we recommend ›The Tsugua Diaries‹ by Miguel Gomes and Maureen Fazendeiro: a self-reflexive cinematic diary that follows a young trio backwards through time. During the Covid lockdown in Portugal, Crista, Carloto and João spend their days in a farmhouse. They do handicrafts, swim and plan a party. At some point, the people behind the camera also enter the picture and become part of the story.