Closing Film 2023

We present young, fast, direct cinema from France: ›Sisterhood‹ by Nora el Hourch

As our closing film this year we will show the German premiere of ›Sisterhood‹ by Nora el Hourch. Sisterhood' is young, fast and direct cinema from France, the director with Moroccan-French roots an international discovery! We are therefore very happy to welcome Nora el Hourch as a guest at the 72nd IFFMH.

This is what ›Sisterhood‹ is about: When Zineb becomes the victim of a sexual assault, she and her friends decide to convict the perpetrator through a cell phone video. When the video goes viral, it sets off a chain reaction that soon becomes uncontrollable. Nora el Hourch has a Moroccan father and a French mother - a cultural identity she shares with her main character. While this cinematically extremely sovereign debut always remains at the eye level of the protagonists, it simultaneously holds the issues of our time under a burning glass, seemingly effortlessly but with a crystal-clear gaze: #metoo, migrant identity, the sometimes very invisible power of class and the very visible one of social media.