Centre Piece 2023

›All of Us Strangers‹ by Andrew Haigh is our Centre Piece this year.

This year we have chosen ›All of Us Strangers‹ by Andrew Haighs as our Centre Piece. The erotic-emotionally charged ghost story starring Andrew Scott and Paul Mescal has been causing a sensation since its world premiere at the Telluride Film Festival in late August and is considered a major contender for the top international awards.

Adam (Andrew Scott) struggles with the finality of parting in ›All of Us Strangers‹. He lives in seclusion in a hauntingly empty hotel. When he begins an affair with Harry (Paul Mescal), his life changes drastically. He visits his childhood home, where his father and mother, who died in a car accident many years ago, still seem to live. Trying to reconcile both worlds - the very present love for Harry and the supernatural connection to his parents - he risks losing everything.

Andrew Haigh, whose career began in Ridley Scott's editing room, directs a quite extraordinary, mysterious film in which past and present, grief, loss and new beginnings are mystically condensed. Andrew Haigh already achieved a festival sensation with the love story ›Weekend‹ in 2011. At the Berlinale 2015, ›45 Years‹ won both acting awards.