Before Sunrise

Wir läuten das Wochenende mit Filmen über die Nacht ein

The dark season has already begun, but that is no reason for gloom. On the contrary, because even in home cinema we go by the rule: The darker the better and the longer the night, the more time there is for films. The protagonist in Antoinette Boulat's film ›My Night‹ also savours every second before dawn to flee the memories of her deceased sister and drift in Paris summer. A film that tells about falling in love with ease and an eye for detail.

In ›Blue Moon‹, Spanish filmmaker Alina Grigore looks behind the scenes of family happiness and accompanies her protagonist Irina in her struggle against an almost impenetrable web of secrets, oppression and the constant battle for privacy.

On a completely different level, the widow Vera has to fend off the advances and pressures of other men who lay claim to her house. ›Vera Dreams of the Sea‹ presents a society in which women have been silenced for too long and stages Vera as an unusual heroine - the resolute and permanently smoking sign interpreter finds alternate ways to take revenge on this system.