Masterclass: Agnès Godard

20.11.2023 19:00

The multifaceted work of cinematographer Agnès Godard is impressive not least because she possesses the highest sensitivity to the individual requirements of each story. Often using a handheld camera and with an outstanding eye for available light, she is equally at home in a naturalistic aesthetic as in more stylized forms. But how does she find the "right" look for each new project? If one considers the films she shot as a cohesive body of work, perhaps her greatest mastery lies in the highly idiosyncratic depiction of human bodies. Encircling each other, struggling with each other, intertwined; in battle, in dance, and in love. Why is Godard so interested in these bodies and how does she approach them with her camera?

Immediately before the Masterclass, there will be an opportunity to see Jacques Nolot's childhood memoir ›Hinterland‹, with cinematography by Agnès Godard, in the same cinema.

[The masterclass will be held in English. Admission is free].


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