To Kill the Beast

Matar a la bestia

Director: Agustina San Martín
Country: Argentina

German Premiere
2021 | 79 min. | Spanish, Portuguese
Subtitles: German, English

Cast_ Tamara Rocca, Ana Brun, Julieth Micolta, João Miguel, Sabrina Grinschpun, Kaique Jesus Screenplay_ Agustina San Martín Camera_ Constanza Sandoval Producer_ Diego Amson Rights_ The Party Film Sales

Tropical Gothic: A village is terrified of a monster in the jungle and a young woman confronts her budding sexuality.

Seventeen-year-old Emilia travels to a village on the border between Argentina and Brazil. She is looking for her brother, who was last seen here before he went missing. Once in this region, she finds she has practically stepped outside of time. Myths and legends are part of everyday life. The spirit of an evil man is particularly fearsome. Able to take the form of different animals, he targets women in particular. While the villagers roam the jungle at night with their electric torches, hunting the beast, the church tower glows like a menacing lighthouse and a new guest arrives at Emilia’s hotel, the young woman must confront her innermost fears. ›To Kill the Beast‹ is a film about female longing. The rich images and sounds of this remote border region create an eerie universe that lingers for a long time.


Agustina San Martín was born in Buenos Aires. Her short film ›The Swedish Cousin‹ (2017, co-directed by Inés María Barrionuevo) was screened at the Berlinale and ›Monster God‹ (2019) at Cannes. ›To Kill the Beast‹ is her first feature film.


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  • Thursday 18.11.202120:30HeidelbergHDGloria
  • Saturday 20.11.202121:45MannheimMACineplex Planken

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