The Rapture

Le ravissement

Director: Iris Kaltenbäck
Country: France

2023 | 97 min. | French
Subtitles: English, German
FSK | Nicht geprüft / No clearance (18+)

Cast_ Hafsia Herzi, Alexis Manenti, Nina Meurisse, Younès Boucif Screenplay_ Iris Kaltenbäck Camera_ Marine Atlan Producer_ Alice Bloch, Thierry de Clermont-Tonnerre Rights_ Be For Films

A young, devoted midwife loses control over her life. A masterfully staged, moving drama about the price of a big lie.

The young midwife Lydia has just been dumped by her boyfriend when she meets Milos. They spend their first night together and Lydia immediately believes herself to be in a new relationship. Milos, however, doesn’t want to know anything about it. As a consequence, Lydia starts caring for her pregnant friend Salomé all the more devotedly. When Milos runs again into her by chance after the birth, she tries to entrap him with a devious lie. And since Lydia is unable to clarify the lie, it develops a life of its own that grows increasingly constraining. The young woman plunges ever deeper into an accelerating maelstrom that threatens to swallow up all those around her. - A captivating drama about a person who completely loses orientation and control over her life. Terrifically cast and acted, cleverly narrated and masterfully directed in lightly grainy images.


›The Rapture‹ is Iris Kaltenbäck’s debut feature. The director grew up in France. After studying law and philosophy, she enrolled in the screenwriting department of the famous film school La Fémis in Paris. She has received several awards for a short film as well as a play.



  • Friday 17.11.202317:45MannheimMAStadthaus N1
  • AvailableTuesday 21.11.202315:00HeidelbergHDKarlstorbahnhof
  • AvailableThursday 23.11.202317:30MannheimMACineplex (Saal 3)