The Employer and the Employee

El empleado y el patrón

Director: Manuel Nieto Zas
Country: Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil, France

German Premiere
2021 | 106 min. | Spanish, Portuguese, French
Subtitles: English, German

Cast_ Nahuel Pérez Biscayart, Cristian Borges, Justina Bustos, Fátima Quintanilla, Jean Pierre Noher Screenplay_ Manuel Nieto Zas Camera_ Arauco Hernández Holz Producer_ Manuel Nieto Zas, Bárbara Francisco, Georgina Baisch, Cecilia Salim, Paola Wink, Michael Wahrmann, Julia Alves, Nathalie Trafford Rights_ Latido Films

Two fathers in an asymmetrical relationship of dependence. Free of pathos and emotionally nuanced, this drama from Uruguay turns into a menacing thriller.

Rodrigo is the scion of a dynasty of large landowners. He is supposed to lead the family business out of the crisis, which was caused by structural change, and into a successful future. The only problem is that he lacks workers. So he hires Carlos, the inexperienced son of a long-time employee, who is also a young father like Rodrigo. A catastrophic accident at work upsets the lives of the two men as well as their previously rigid relationship of dependence.
In a calm and cautious manner, the director Manolo Nieto tells the story of a supposedly friendly relationship and how it is threatened by simmering social inequality. After the tragic turn of fate, the film’s drama develops traits of a thriller, building up to a stunning finale.


Manuel Nieto Zas, born in 1972, belongs to the new generation of Uruguayan filmmakers. With his debut ›The Dog Pound‹ from 2006, he won the Tiger Award at the Rotterdam Film Festival. For ›The Militant‹ (2013) he received several awards. ›The Employer and the Employee‹ premiered at Cannes in 2021.


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