The Defiant Ones

The Defiant Ones

Director: Stanley Kramer
Country: USA

1958 | 97 min. | English
Subtitles: German
FSK 12

Cast_ Tony Curtis, Sidney Poitier, Theodore Bikel, Charles McGraw, Lon Chaney Jr. Screenplay_ Nedrick Young, Harold Jacob Smith Camera_ Sam Leavitt Producer_ Stanley Kramer Rights_ Park Circus

Sidney Poitier and Tony Curtis united by fate against their will. A haunting parable about racism.

A truck transporting prisoners swerves off the road and crashes. Two prisoners manage to escape. One of them, a white man, is racist. The other, a Black man, regards his fellow convict as further proof of the country’s flagrant injustice. Despite their incompatibility, they depend on each other, as they are chained together. Hunted by the police, they embark on an odyssey across the Southern United States. Stanley Kramer’s ›The Defiant Ones‹ is a milestone of socially conscious cinema. Racism and intolerance are denounced alongside the politics of the notorious Senator McCarthy.


Stanley Kramer (1913-2001) was a US producer and director. His work regularly revolves around political themes. In addition to ›The Defiant Ones‹, his most important works include ›On the Beach‹ (1959), ›Judgment at Nuremberg‹ (1961) and ›Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner‹ (1967).



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