Something Different

O něčem jiném

Director: Věra Chytilová
Country: Czechoslovakia

1963 | 82 min. | Czech
Subtitles: German, English

Cast_ Eva Bosáková, Vera Uzelacová, Josef Langmiler, Jirí Kodet, Milivoj Uzelac, Jaroslava Matlochová Screenplay_ Věra Chytilová Camera_ Jan Čuřík Rights_ Národní filmový archiv

One of the main works of the Czechoslovak New Wave, ›Something Different‹ was awarded the Grand Prize of the City of Mannheim in 1963.

Věra Chytilová tells two stories in her feature-film debut, one a true story, the other fictional. In the documentary sequences, the director observes the training of noted artistic gymnast Eva Bosáková and shows how she prepares for competitions under the supervision of her merciless coach. The fictional story focuses on a housewife named Věra (Věra Uzelacová), whose husband is little more than a fleeting presence in her life. Bored, she begins an affair. This film asks how women can achieve real freedom. Its director succeeded against all odds in a male-dominated film industry and created a radically feminist cinema. ›Something Different‹ is her main work.


Věra Chytilová, born in 1929, studied philosophy and architecture and was a model and designer before being the only woman admitted to the FAMU film school in Prague in 1957. Her best-known films include ›Daisies‹ and ›Fruit of Paradise‹. Her work has received numerous awards.


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