Picnic at Hanging Rock

Picnic at Hanging Rock

Director: Peter Weir
Country: Australia

1975 | 107 min. | English
Subtitles: German

Cast_ Anne-Louise Lambert, Vivean Gray, Helen Morse, Jacki Weaver, Rachel Roberts, Kirsty Child, Tony Llewellyn-Jones, Karen Robson Screenplay_ Cliff Green Camera_ Russell Boyd Producer_ Hal McElroy, Jim McElroy Rights_ Plaion Pictures GmbH

Peter Weir’s poetic horror film. A sensual and mystical masterpiece that ushered in a new era of Australian cinema. Shown in its restored version.

The girls’ boarding school Appleyard College is in the Australian state of Victoria. In 1900, on Valentine’s Day, an excursion leads to tragedy: four schoolgirls, wearing dazzling white dresses, leave the rest of the group and head for Hanging Rock. There they lie down in the sun; shortly thereafter, three of them have disappeared. All search efforts are in vain. This masterpiece of Australian cinema offers a disturbing chronicle of the women’s disappearance and its aftermath. Director Peter Weir stages a sensual journey into a mystical, eroticized landscape, addressing questions of class and sexual repression.


Peter Weir (b. 1944) is one of the most important Australian filmmakers. His films have won numerous awards. His most important works include ›Picnic at Hanging Rock‹, ›Dead Poets Society‹ (1989), and ›The Truman Show‹ (1998), starring Jim Carrey.


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