Jimmy Orpheus

Jimmy Orpheus

Director: Roland Klick
Country: Germany

1966 | 52 min. | German
Subtitles: English

Cast_ Klaus Schichan, Ortrud Beginnen Screenplay_ Roland Klick Camera_ Robert van Ackeren Producer_ Hanns Eckelkamp, Ernst Liesenhoff Rights_ Filmgalerie 451

St. Pauli at night and the decline of a brick factory in small-town GDR: two early films by Roland Klick and Volker Koepp.

Jimmy, a casual laborer, wanders through the bars of St. Pauli and falls for a young woman. Their paths cross again and again on this night full of promise. Roland Klick's early film is a casual, poetic work inspired by US genre cinema – it’s about someone who lives his life however he wants. Or, as the title song says: "This is Jimmy Orpheus / he's got no cause to run. Working just for whiskey / living just for fun."
This film is part of a programme with: ›Märkische Ziegel‹.


Roland Klick worked as a jazz musician and painter before turning to film. His feature debut 'Bübchen' (1968) was followed by 'Deadlock' (1970), 'Supermarkt' (1973) and 'White Star' (1983), among others.Volker Koepp studied at the German Academy of Film Art in Potsdam-Babelsberg. In 1970, he began working for DEFA. His extensive documentary work has won numerous awards.


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