Director: Kim Chang-hoon
Country: South Korea

German Premiere
2023 | 123 min. | Korean
Subtitles: English, German
FSK | Nicht geprüft / No clearance (18+)

Cast_ Hong Xa-bin, Song Joong-ki, Kim Hyoung-Seo Screenplay_ Kim Chang-hoon Camera_ Lee Jae-woo Producer_ Han Jae-duk Rights_ Megabox / Plus M Entertainment

The gangster Chi-geon takes the young Yeon-gyu under his wing. They both come from a world of poverty and violence.

A trickle of blood spreads through a puddle of muddy water. ›Hopeless‹ opens with an act of violence, and from the start, the film draws out something picturesque, poetic. For these young men, whose lives are defined by a lack of prospects, closeness and physicality can only exist in the form of brutality. Yeon-gyu tries to escape his violent stepfather; he wants to flee to Europe with his helpless mother. Chi-geon, a gang leader without scruples, is supposed to show him the way out. The two grow gradually closer, they mirror each other, recognize in each other their betrayed past and their hopes for a better future. In the end, however, they only know one way to express themselves. - Kim Chang-hoon has made a tender love film in the guise of a ruthless neo-noir. South Korea’s new superstar Song Joong-ki shines in front of the camera.


Kim Chang-hoon, born in 1989, has worked as an editor and storyboarder, and also made numerous short films. After working on his debut feature ›Hopeless‹ for over five years, he finally celebrated the film’s world premiere in Cannes.



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