Flussfahrt mit Huhn

Director: Arend Agthe
Country: Germany

1983 | 84 min. | German
FSK ab 6

Cast_ Julia Martinek, David Hoppe, Fedor Hoppe Screenplay_ Arend Agthe Camera_ Jürgen Jürges Producer_ Michael Smeaton Rights_ MFA+ FilmDistribution

Four friends and a chicken search for the Northeast Passage. One of the best children's films of all time according to the German Federation of Film Clubs for Children and Young People – now in a director's cut!

Johanna has to spend the holidays together with her cousin Robert at the house of their somewhat odd grandfather. She has no idea that Robert is planning an adventurous expedition. Together with two friends, as well as the chicken Gonzo as their good luck charm, they steal grandpa's boat and set sail. But the former captain is soon hot on their heels. A crazy and spectacular chase ensues.

Arend Agthe, Germany's most famous author of children's films, had his big breakthrough with this mad adventure. The links to Nordsee ist Mordsee are unmistakable. 36 years after its premiere at the IFFMH, we are once again showing this timeless cult classic!


Arend Agthe has been creatively active in the film industry since the 1970s. With his solo feature debut Flußfahrt mit Huhn in 1984, he began his rise to becoming Germany’s most important director of children’s films. In addition to his cinema productions, he also directed Dandelion, Sesame Street and Tatort.