Director: Deniz Şimşek
Country: Germany

2020 | 8 min. | no dialogue
Subtitles: English, German

Screenplay_ Deniz Şimşek Camera_ Deniz Şimşek Producer_ Deniz Şimşek Rights_ Deniz Şimşek

How can maximal meaning be derived from a minimal use of forms? This clever film about the interplay of norms, media and memory shows how.

Centaurs are hybrid creatures, as are all of us. Yet we demand that people have distinct identities, and we exclude those who do not have them. Television plays a part in this exclusion, which is why it is a Herculean task to use this medium to tell of such experiences of exclusion. Particularly for the Centauress, whose story we are told here, because the television was on constantly in her youth, so that television images and reality are barely distinguishable from each other in her memory. Nevertheless, this film succeeds because it is bold, because it deviates from the norm. The few images it uses are hazy; the film almost refuses its medium – almost. In fact, with minimal means, it leads to new possibilities. Minimal and yet significant after all!


Deniz Şimşek was born in Istanbul in 1995 and studied film there. Since 2016 she has been living in Berlin, where she studied under Professor Thomas Arslan at the University of the Arts. Her work deals with the relationship between documentary and fiction. Her themes are identity, gender and memory.


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