Calamity, une enfance de Martha Jane Cannary

Director: Rémi Chayé
Country: France, Denmark

2020 | 85 min. | French
Synchronization in German

Cast_ Salomé Boulven, Alexandra Lamy Screenplay_ Rémi Chayé, Fabrice de Costil Producer_ Cleland Jericca, Claus Toksvig Kjaer, Claire La Combe, Henri Magalon Rights_ Indie Sales

Calamity Jane is considered the first heroine of the American West. Hand-drawn images bring her childhood and her early adventures to life.

Riding, lassoing and driving horse-drawn carriages are not for girls, the elders say, but self-confident Jane has other ideas. She wants to have adventures instead of doing housework. Twelve-year-old Martha Jane Cannary and her family are on their way west in a settlement party — in 1863, in the midst of the US Civil War. When her father falls ill on the journey, Jane sets out to prove herself and encounters resistance from the community. Vividly, the film tells of a pioneer of self-determination who actively confronts society’s expectations in order to be true to herself. In hand-drawn images, ›Calamity‹ evokes the rugged expanse of a land that rewards audacity and reverently whispers such nicknames as “Calamity Jane”.


Rémi Chayé, born in Poitiers in 1968, is an animation artist who has been involved in numerous international film projects. His directorial debut ›Long Way North‹ received the audience award at the Annecy International Animation Film Festival in 2015. At that same festival, his second film ›Calamity‹ received the grand prize in 2020.


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