La morsure

Director: Romain de Saint-Blanquat
Country: France

German Premiere
2023 | 90 min. | French
Subtitles: English, German
FSK 12

Cast_ Léonie Dahan-Lamort, Lilith Grasmug, Cyril Metzger, Maxime Rohart, Fred Blin Screenplay_ Romain de Saint-Blanquat Camera_ Martin Roux Producer_ Marc-Benoît Créancier Rights_ Films Boutique

Wonderfully dark and gritty images, delightfully allusive and clever story. An altogether unusual vampire film that doubles as a tale of female self-empowerment.

1967, Shrove Tuesday. 17-year-old Françoise attends a Catholic girls’ school. After waking from bad dreams, she is convinced that this is her last day alive. With this realization, she decides to attend a costume party with her best friend, knowing that several men will be present. On her final day, she wants to go all out. The two young women are taken to the party by a strange man; the trauma of the Algerian War rears its head. Then, arriving at the party, Françoise meets a young man her age: the Prince of Darkness. It’s him she wants to give herself to. - In images whose dark grain harkens back to English vampire films of the 1960s, ›Bitten‹ tells of female emancipation, of forceful self-empowerment. Gorgeous and – thanks to the terrific soundtrack – so cool!


After studying film in Bordeaux and Paris, where he shot a short film for his graduation, Romain de Saint-Blanquat worked as a set designer, production assistant and screenwriter. He is a recipient of the Gan Foundation Award. ›Bitten‹ is his debut feature.



  • Friday 17.11.202317:45with GuestsHeidelbergHDKarlstorbahnhof
  • AvailableSaturday 18.11.202317:30with GuestsMannheimMACineplex (Saal 3)
  • AvailableSunday 19.11.202314:00with GuestsMannheimMACineplex (Saal 3)
  • AvailableFriday 24.11.202317:45HeidelbergHDKarlstorbahnhof