À l'Abordage

Director: Guillaume Brac
Country: France

Regional Premiere
2020 | 95 min. | French
Subtitles: German, English
FSK 18

Cast_ Éric Nantchouang, Salif Cissé, Édouard Sulpice Screenplay_ Guillaume Brac, Catherine Paillé Camera_ Alan Guichaoua Producer_ Grégoire Debailly Rights_ The Party Film Sales

One moment you fall in love, the next she’s gone on vacation. Unusual situations create unusual friendships in this gentle, delicately nuanced summer comedy.

Félix and Chérif set off from Paris to the south, spontaneously chasing after a crush who is spending the summer there. The clash of the classes already kicks off on the ride share. They signed up pretending to be girls, which Edouard, the uptight car owner with his bicycle on the roof, naturally resents. When the car breaks down on arrival, the three form a community of fate, whereas the young woman reacts very evasively to the surprise visit.

Guillaume Brac ranks amongst the outstanding directors of his generation. A touch of Rohmer and Rozier wafts through his films, which celebrate the moment when slapstick, drama and romance meet. It is a cinema of sincerity towards its characters. Even in the light-flooded À l'Abordage, they are never betrayed for a punch line. A humanistic hymn and a delightful pleasure.


Parisian director Guillaume Brac graduated from La Fémis in 2005. A World Without Women earned him a César nomination for best short film in 2011. His films celebrated their premieres in Locarno (Tonnerre, 2013; July Tales, 2017), Karlovy Vary (Treasure Island, 2018) and Berlin, where À l'Abordage received an honourable mention from the FIPRESCI jury this year.