In Flames

awarded with the International Newcomer Award 2023

The winner in 2023 was director and writer Zarrar Kahn who was born in Karachi and is based in Toronto. Zarrar Kahn aims to give voice to historically marginalized communities and his work has been screened at over 70 festivals worldwide. He is a graduate of renowned talent labs. ›In Flames‹ is his debut feature.


A social portrait with a thrilling edge: Mother Fahria and daughter Mariam fight against Pakistan’s patriarchal power structures and the demons of their own family history.

Mariam lives with her mother and younger brother in a small flat in Karachi. After the death of her grandfather, his manipulative brother Nazir takes over the role of provider. To escape her oppressive everyday life at home, Mariam starts going on more and more dates with her fellow student Asad. After a serious traffic accident, events spin themselves around Mariam like a fine web. It literally takes her breath away, but also brings her closer to her mother. - With this mother-daughter story, director Zarrar Kahn vividly shows us the harrowing social reality of women in Pakistan. Borrowing elements from horror films, he finds innovative ways of representing the psychological and physical wounds of the two protagonists. He thus offers the viewer a portrait, at once exciting and full of empathy, of the inner lives of his characters.

Countries: Pakistan, Canada
Director: Zarrar Kahn

2023 | 98 min | Urdu
Subtitles: German, English

Cast_ Ramesha Nawal, Omar Javaid, Bakhtawar Mazhar, Adnan Shah Tipu, Mohammad Ali Hashmi Screenplay_ Zarrar Kahn Camera_ Aigul Nurbulatova Producer_ Anam Abbas, Hamza Bangash Rights_ The Festival Agency

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