My Mexican Bretzel

awarded with the International Newcomer Award 2020

Nuria Giménez Lorang was born in Spain in 1976. She studied documentary filmmaking and shot the short film Kafeneio in 2017, which was shown at DocumentaMadrid and the Bogota Documentary International Film Festival. My Mexican Bretzel, her first feature, premiered last year in Gijón and was shown in Rotterdam at the beginning of this year.


A woman torn between her husband, a lover, and emancipation.
A quiet drama staged with essaystic means: beguiling archive material and merciless diary citations.

Nuria Giménez weaves the story of a couple using a very understated tone and exquisite humour. It begins in Switzerland during the Second World War and ends up in the USA’s booming pharmaceutical industry, taking detours to Malta and Mallorca along the way. The film is spurred on by shots that are gradually recognised as Leon’s home videos. Citations from the diary of Vivian, his wife, then offer us a wholly new perspective on the events depicted in these videos.

From the highly elegant montage emerges the narrative of a Western European marriage, whose evocations of old gender roles, the economic miracle, and emancipation invite numerous possible interpretations of the past. The fascinating game played with found and fictitious material remains exciting until the end.

Country: Spain

2019 | 74 min | Spanish
Subtitles: English, German

Starring_ Frank A. Lorang, Ilse G. Ringier Screenplay_ Nuria Giménez Lorang Cinematography_ Frank A. Lorang Producer_ Nuria Giménez, María Zamora, Stefan Schmitz Rights_ Avalon Distribution Audiovisual

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