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The Programme

The Bears' Famous Invasion of Sicily

(La fameuse invasion des ours en Sicilie)

Country: France | Director: Lorenzo Mattotti
2019 | 82 min | French | Live-dubbed in German
Our recommendation: 6 years +

© Weltkino

Dino Buzzati's "The Bears' Famous Invasion of Sicily" is a story that has it all, full of adventure, magic and larger-than-life emotions. The bears, who usually lead a peaceful life in the ochre mountains of Sicily, are suddenly confronted with humans. Little Tonio has disappeared and his father, the brave bear King Leonzio, asks the humans for help. But the nasty Grand Duke who rules the valley has nothing in mind but war and fashionable hats.

Captivating in its vivid images and clear forms, the animation lacks none of the fantasy of the literary original and charms with its humorous dialogues. An entertaining parable about good and bad rulers.

Flussfahrt mit Huhn

Country: Germany | Director: Arend Agthe
1983 | 84 min | German
FSK: 6 years +

Johanna has to spend the holidays together with her cousin Robert at the house of their somewhat odd grandfather. She has no idea that Robert is planning an adventurous expedition. Together with two friends, as well as the chicken Gonzo as their good luck charm, they steal grandpa's boat and set sail. But the former captain is soon hot on their heels. A crazy and spectacular chase ensues.

Arend Agthe, Germany's most famous author of children's films, had his big breakthrough with this mad adventure. The links to Nordsee ist Mordsee are unmistakable. 36 years after its premiere at the IFFMH, we are once again showing this timeless cult classic!

  • IFFMH Children's Film Classic

© MFA+ FilmDistribution

Girls Go Movie Film Special 2020

Country: Germany | Director: Various
2020 | ca. 90 min | German
FSK: 12 years +

© Girls Go Movie

We present young women filmmakers through their ingenious and humorous short film contributions, in an "elementarily extraordinary time".

Many of the films were made within the framework of the GGM film coaching and support programme, which brought forth impressive works that captivate with their daring and individuality. External submissions are also included. The films make up a selection from the current Short Film Festival 2020.

  • Free entry!
  • The GIRLS GO MOVIE Online short film festival takes place on 14 & 15 November on the GGM Vimeo channel. All information and the programme brochure can be found at:

Los Lobos

Country: Mexico | Director: Samuel Kishi Leopo
2019 | 95 min | Spanish, English, Cantonese | Live-dubbed in German
Our recommendation: 9 years +

Albuquerque, USA: eight-year-old Max and his little brother Leo have just moved here from Mexico with their mother Lucía. While the young, exhausted woman hurries from one lousily paid job to the next, the children stay in the tiny apartment. They listen to the mother's voice on the cassette recorder, learn English vocabulary and draw colourful pictures on the grey wall. On the wall, two little ninja wolves: "We want to go to Disney." The pictures come to life.

The film, which won two prizes at the Berlinale, always stays close to its little protagonists. Their sad reality is captured in pictures so beautiful, they slowly start to yield solace and hope.

© FiGa Films

Lunana: A Yak in the Classroom

(Bù dān shì jiàoshì)

Country: Bhutan | Director: Pawo Choyning Dorji
2019 | 109 min | Dzongkha | Live-dubbed in German
Our recommendation: 8 years +

© Films Boutique

Ugyen is a young teacher who doesn’t like his job. He wants to become a singer instead. However, before he can pursue this dream he is transferred to the world's most remote school, in the Himalayas. At first he hates it, finding this new world
completely foreign. But then, things start changing for him.

Lunana takes us to a faraway world untouched by the achievements of modernity, but also by its hectic pace and interpersonal coldness. The film is full of magnificent images of the breathtaking mountain landscape – a film that shows how we can be changed by a new experience, and what is truly important in life. Told with delicate insight, it is a great experience for children and adults alike.

Marona's Fantastic Tale

(L'extraordinaire voyage de Marona)

Country: France, Belgium, Romania | Director: Anca Damian
2019 | 92 min | French | Live-dubbed in German
Our recommendation: 8 years +

This touching animated film never runs out of ideas! In original, colourful imagery, it accompanies the dog Marona as she looks back on her eventful past. Every detail, every stroke is brimming with her energy and curiosity. Everything rolls and flows, stretches and pushes in ever new directions. The soundtrack is a gentle accomplice to the images. Marona, a charming blob of black and white, tells us about the people she loves. Her owners have different scents, their goodbyes sometimes smell of rust, sometimes of autumn leaves. The film, enthusiastically received in Annecy, Los Angeles and Bucheon, is a touching masterpiece about the beauty of life in all its contradictions.

© Charades

Mum Mum Mum

(Mamá, Mamá, Mamá)

Country: Argentina | Director: Sol Berruezo Pichon-Rivière
2020 | 65 min | Spanish | Subtitles: German
Our recommendation: 11 years +

© Compañía de Cine

It starts with the suggestion of a tragic accident. As her mother then seeks solitude, 12-year-old Cleo is left on her own. Through her aunt and cousins, a new normality seems to slowly enter Cleo's life. Gentle is the murmur of the surrounding nature, warm are the colours.

The impressive debut of Argentinean director Sol Berruezo Pichon-Rivière paints a delicate picture of womanhood at different stages of life. Even behind the camera, only women worked on the film. The dreamy, elegiac atmosphere recalls Sofia Coppola's The Virgin Suicides. A film charged with magical energy about the grief and initiation of a teenage girl.

Nordsee ist Mordsee

Country: Germany | Director: Hark Bohm
1976 | 86 min | German
FSK: 12 years +

Hamburg, 1970s, Wilhelmsburg district. 14-year-old Uwe is sent by his violent father to "buy cigarettes". He obeys, but out on the street the boy is free. The enmity with Dschingis, another boy his age, is overcome by their common wish to escape. The film begins as a closely observed social portrait, before sailing down the Elbe as a river/road movie.

Adventurous yet earnest, it depicts the lives and longings of teenagers who have to fend for themselves. Director and screenwriter Hark Bohm belongs to the most important actors of the New German Cinema. Nordsee ist Mordsee, which screened in 1977 in the first children and youth section at IFFMH, is his magnum opus.

  • IFFMH Children's Film Classic

© Kinemathek Hamburg e.V.


Country: France | Director: Jacques Doillon
1996 | 97 min | French | Live-dubbed in German
FSK: 0 years + | Our recommendation: 6 years +


The little Ponette is four years old when her mother dies. The girl staunchly rebels against this irreversible fact. The way she waits for her mother’s resurrection is captivatingly active. Ponette and her friends make death the subject of their games. They dream up reasons and explanations, invent tests of courage, and continuously weave fairy tales and beliefs into their own stories. Auteur Jacques Doillon (La drôlesse) had extensive discussions with his little actors in preparation for the shoot. As a result, it’s not the film that determines the characters, but it’s rather them that give it direction. They are its substance, its rhythm, its restlessly beating heart.

  • IFFMH Children's Film Classic

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