IFFMH presents: Badlands

IFFMH presents

Saturday, 31 July, 9.15 PM
Cinema Quadrat Sommerkino Open Air

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USA 1973. dir: Terrence Malick. D: Martin Sheen, Sissy Spacek, Warren Oates, Ramon Bieri, John Carter. 90 min. English Original with German Subtitles. RATED 16
Against her father's will, 15-year-old Holly (Sissy Spacek) falls in love with Kit (Martin Sheen), ten years her senior. When the two want to elope, Kit shoots the father without further ado. On the run in the "badlands" of Montana, they continue their series of murders, regardless of losses, driven by the urge for freedom beyond social norms.
In his directorial debut, Terrence Malick, American cinema's great film philosopher, captures the aimlessness of an entire generation: traumatized by the Vietnam War, disgusted by outdated moral concepts. Malick contrasts the narrow-mindedness of this society with the vastness of the country, which seems like a post-apocalyptic backdrop in his road movie.
"It was better to spend a week with someone who loved me for who I was than to be lonely for years," Holly states impassively. Such disarmingly fatalistic poetry turns ›Badlands‹ into a "film meditation of timeless beauty and a pivotal work of New Hollywood cinema - a revelation" (Sascha Keilholz).

›Badlands‹ had its German premiere at the IFFMH in 1974.

Introduction: Dr. Sascha Keilholz