Der Würger mit dem weißen Schal

Director: Paul Vecchiali
Country: France

1970 | 93 min. | French
Subtitles: English & German
FSK 18

Cast_ Jacques Perrin, Julien Guiomar, Paul Barge Screenplay_ Paul Vecchiali Camera_ Georges Strouvé Producer_ Jacques Perrin, Paul Vecchiali Copyright_ Shellac

A film like a wild poem: L'étrangleur by Paul Vecchiali is one of the most original French genre films of the 1970s. In the dark of the night, the deeply traumatised Émile uses a white scarf to strangle women who are tired of their lives. An unconventional police inspector takes up the investigation and a young woman volunteers to act as bait. L'étrangleur is one of Paul Vecchiali's most beautiful and personal films. Instead of following the giallo or polar trends that were popular at the time, Vecchiali harks back to the cinema of the 1930s and transports the poetic realism of those years to 1970s France. "L'étrangleur is a film about the magic of the night. A night one can dive into like a pond’s green water." (Le Monde)


Paul Vecchiali>/b>, born in 1930 in Ajaccio, has made more than fifty films. He made a splash with L'étrangleur. This was followed by the founding of the film collective Diagonale. Encore received two awards in Venice in 1988. The films he made in the 2010s again premiered at the major festivals.