Sun & Daughter

Cuidando al sol

Director: Catalina Razzini
Country: Bolivia, Spain, Germany

2021 | 84 min. | Spanish, Aymara
Synchronization in German

Cast_ María Belén Callisaya, Karina Paco, Luis Aduviri, Katerine Choque Huanca Screenplay_ Catalina Razzini Camera_ Santiago Racaj Producer_ Paola Gosalvez Rights_ Habanero Film Sales

A sensitive film about an Indigenous girl living at Lake Titicaca, featuring a charismatic actress gorgeously photographed in front of breathtaking scenery.

Countless legends surround Island of the Sun in Bolivia’s Lake Titicaca. Lucia lives there with her family and the alpaca Panchito. When one day her father leaves the island to earn money for the family, everything changes for Lucia. The longing for him won’t leave her. At the same time, however, she grows older and changes. Against a breathtaking landscape backdrop, we follow her at school, with her friends, when she quarrels with her mother, and when she tries to con tourists out of a little money. When her father finally returns, his role for Lucia has changed and a new longing awakens in her.


Catalina Razzini studied film and literature in Bolivia and then completed a master’s degree in film direction in Madrid. In addition to her work as a director, screenwriter and producer, she has taught at the School of Film and Audiovisual Arts in La Paz. ›Sun & Daughter‹ is her directorial debut.


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