Student Jury

Three film-loving students from the region select the winner of the Award of the Student Jury in the international competition ON THE RISE.

The Award of the Student Jury is intended to make the perspective of students visible at the film festival and to go to the film with which the jurors have the most passionate connections. The prize is endowed with €5,000.

Omar Alsawadi

Omar Alsawadi is from Syria and studies media and communication in Mannheim. For EuphratesPost, he works on visual content as a volunteer. Since 2015, he has been making small films and producing documentaries.

Omar Alsawadi | © Annalena Kreischer

Steve Bache

Steve Bache was trained as a design assistant for media/communication at the AiK Dresden. He worked as an assistant director for ›WhoAmI‹and ›System Crasher‹ , among others. He completed his directing studies with ›Fatjona‹ at FABW in 2021.

Steve Bache | © Steve Bache

Clara Schmid

After graduating from high school, Clara Schmid worked as a volunteer at the Württemberg State Museum for one year. Since 2019, she has been studying media and communication in Mannheim. Her first publication will be published in 2022.

Clara Schmid | © Johannes Diehl