Ecumenical Jury

The Ecumenical Jury awards the Ecumenical Award in the international competition ON THE RISE. It consists of five members of the inter-church film networks INTERFILM and SIGNIS.

Mannheim is one of the first film festivals worldwide in which an ecclesiastical jury has been established: The ecclesiastical jury has been present at the film festival in Mannheim (and later in Mannheim-Heidelberg) since 1963, at first under the name of INTERFILM and since 1995 together with the Catholic partner organisation SIGNIS as the Ecumenical Jury.

The Ecumenical Award is given to a film in the competition that has exceptional artistic qualities, that lends expression to a human viewpoint corresponding with the message of the Scripture, or stimulates debate with the Biblical tradition and that makes audiences sensitive to spiritual, social and ethic values.

Gergely Hajnal

Chairs filmclubs, writes film reviews
Developed: Faludi Film Festival
Co-established: Szóts István Film Workshop
Works as: senior program manager (TV)

Gergely Hajnal | © Gergely Hajnal

Michael Kranzusch

Since 2004 Pastor in: Adendorf
Has been member of the editorial staff of: Kunstinfo – war
Has been member of: AK Kirche, Künste, Kultur
Co-Founder of: AK Kirche & Film
Jury member for INTERFILM in: Oberhausen, Lübeck

Michael Kranzusch | © Michael Kranzusch

Uta Losem

Legal advisor in the Commissariat of German Bishops, Catholic Office in Berlin
Responsible for: media (film) & culture
Member of the Catholic Film Commission for Germany

Uta Losem | © Uta Losem

Mina Radovic

Archivist, critic and doctoral researcher at: Goldsmiths, University of London
Founder and director of: Liberating Cinema UK
Contributes to journals and covers film festivals

Mina Radović | © Mina Radović