Eva Hillebrand

Social Media & Partnerships

Eva Hillebrand joined the festival as a crew member in 2021 and has been a working student in the Social Media & Partnerships department since 2022. She is studying for a Master's degree in Culture and Business at the University of Mannheim with a focus on Spanish literature and media studies. As part of her studies, she completed internships in art and cultural centres in Germany and Spain. From 2018 to 2020, she was an assistant in the marketing and communications department at VINCI Facilities Management GmbH. Through a work-study position in marketing, press and public relations at Oststadt Theaters e.V. (2020-2021), she turned back to the cultural sector. Since 2020, she has been head of the student podcast department Halbwertszeit.

Eva HillebrandSocial Media & Partnershipseva.hillebrand@iffmh.de