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“Co-production is first of all a Division of Labour” – quote from MMP Resident for Financial and Legal William Furnivall.




MMP addresses start-up Producers (First or Second Feature) with Artistic Intent,

When submitting, some domestic funding should be present, but not always.

When preparing the documentation below please bear in mind it is aimed at potential co-producers, and in fact only at them.


Please imagine someone who has 6 minutes to get interested, from an Ipad, in afternoon sunlight after a good lunch. ...If you think this suggests a final single document that will not normally be over 7 or 8 pages you are quite right...

The initial submission of an MMP Project Outline (as ONE single document, please) should include:

Basic production data in one-liners (title, production co, shooting periods, format, etc)


Project tag line (as short as possible, but in no case longer than three brief sentences).


Longer synopsis (up to 1.5 pages please). This should include: enhanced storyline, shooting specifics (locations etc.) and any extraordinary production elements.


If you have a short (e.g. half page) director’s vision (stating only what the director will contribute to the filmed work) please add it at the end of the synopsis.


If you have a short director’s statement (e.g. half a page) including synopsis-relevant information then please add it as well.


Please make up a list of documents for attachment considered relevant for your project (e.g. treatment, script, full budget, long-form producer and director profiles, full director statement, extraordinary photographic materials, mood board, etc).

Please list any direct Internet links to the project as available.


Short Budget outline or Budget Topsheet. Please list expected co-producer elements and their costs separately from domestic. Make sure all totals match and items can be quickly referred to. This table is to be included in the Outline document – not as an extra,

Financing Plan - what, how much, from whom & when. (committed/expected).


Full Project History: We do mean a listing of all relevant facts – including number of rewrites, all past and present submissions or attempts at funding or markets with no omissions. Any negative information will in no way be held against you or the viability of your project for MMP.


Required minority Participation (Co-production profile) – list especially the territories considered important, participation percentages, and coproduction elements. This data should also be reflected in the budget proposal and highlighted there (e.g., co-producer budget items in red) and we expect a full co-production rationale for the project.


Short director profile (e.g. a dozen lines) with listed works, ditto shortform for producer. Internet links to previous works.


Full contact details (including landlines, Skype, etc)



Will bring primarily an excellent knowledge and experience of how his/her territorial financing and production possibilities can work for specific co-production projects. Unafraid to work with Start-ups.


Submissions are now open for the 2015 MMP session & will close August 10th!

It is seriously to your advantage to submit as early as possible!


Please ask questions.