MMP 2013

News No. 1

Dear reader,

International Film Festival MANNHEIM HEIDELBERG is glad to invite you to apply for the 4th edition of the MANNHEIM MEETING PLACE taking place 4th to 7th November 2013 in Germany.
MMP (see accompanying information and website ) is a co-production event aimed especially at start up majority producers with artistic ambitions (first or second feature).
This effort on behalf of producers attempts to echo directly the profile of the Mannheim Heidelberg Film Festival (an event now in it’s 62nd year) which has always aimed at supporting start-up feature directors.

Projects collected by July/August 2013 will, with MMP aid, be turned into short Project Outlines aimed specifically at co-producers. They will be then sent out to relevant minority producers and industry experts from a network covering over 20 countries.

Feedback will be continual throughout the 3-month period running up to Mannheim, and relevant dialogues initiated. Relationships that develop constructively will mostly result in full invitations for appointments at MMP in November (travel and accommodation included).
MMP is perhaps smaller in numbers than other events but much more focused on the final participants. It is fair to say that out of perhaps 300 appointments (plus), half will find place virtually before the event – thus helping weed out less promising elements in a natural manner. Final participants are mainly the useful ones.

We also do our best to provide an extensive network of guests. With some exceptions, we tend to a base policy of one majority and one minority producer per country or funding source, while differentiating between project genres. Thus our 60 or so final invited guests, including our specialized Residents, come from well over 30 countries.
Likewise, our industry events during MMP involve experts who are not just passing speakers but are involved with MMP for the whole lead-up period – e.g. this year we are promised an examination of DoP Slawek Idziak’s new “Previs” idea for presenting projects for reaction and financing. (Google “Film Spring Open 2013”). Examples are to be sent out in September for feedback to build up to seasoned debate during MMP.
We thus invite you to check out the  MMP  Producer Guidelines on the web-site:  and/or contact  julek(at) with any expressions of interest. Those who start working with us by July/mid-August have always a better chance of obtaining a maximum out of the process.

Looking forward,

Julek Kedzierski
Coordinator MMP 2013
a part of IFF Mannheim Heidelberg.