MMP 2012

– reviewed

From 13th to 16th November 2012 the 3rd MANNHEIM MEETING PLACE took place for film professionals from all over the world as an integral part of the International Film Festival MANNHEIM-HEIDELBERG (8th to 18thNovember 2012).

MMP 2012 was visited by participants from more than 30 countries world-wide (a list can be found here)!


The first event in 2012 was entitled “Should producers sell their own films?” and involved Stelios Ziannis of Aktis Film and Katayoon Shahabi of Sheherazad Media, with support from Javier de la Fuente of Latido Film. An edited text can be found here.

The second event in 2012 dealt with “Music in Film”, with a special accent on co-production run by George Christopoulos of Oticons – a summary is included here.

The third event at MMP 2012 dealt with the pitfalls of an international co-production agreement – an actual memo that had been forwarded to an MMP producer was analyzed by Legal and Financial MMP Resident William Furnivall and London entertainment lawyer Peter Armstrong, with strong support from Berlin/Hamburg co-producer Rudi Teichmann.  The final MMP event was a veritable Golgotha – director Vicente Pérez Herrero of Madrid requested that the rough cut of his latest feature “Crustaceos” be screened and analyzed by a “Group of Professionals” at MMP.  In line with prevailing MMP philosophy that “Work speaks louder than Words”, Vicente got what he asked for.

Extremely beautiful though parts of the material were, (Herrero has been shooting the Madrid street demonstrations for 2 years) the attempt  to overlay dysfunctional love stories onto the material was in fact not far enough along yet for such a screening.  Herrero admitted later to “feeling as if he wanted to crawl back inside his mother”, and the good taste of the whole proceeding was put under some question.


As in other years MMP spread over 3 days with a 10-week period of preparation, mostly spent on helping co-production  effort made by first or second time start-up majority producers. 

Of 35 projects, 15 became written MMP Project Outlines (written “pitches” aimed directly at more experienced minority co-producers) and 9 made it to the MMP table during the Festival.

Over 150 match attempts were completed in this process before MMP, and another 150 took place in Mannheim. The resulting project elimination pre-Mannheim thus provides a natural selection highlighting immediately where MMP cannot be of proper value to a project.

Thus some partnerships (such as between Bosnia’s Ines Tanovic and Alem Babic and Bulgaria’s Pavlina Jeleva) were developed long-distance before MMP, while during the physical MMP Bolivia’s Paola Gosalvez teamed up with Michal Myslinski’s Warszawa sound studio aiming at post  work on Puccara’s “Tune of the Wind” project. Belgium’s Marion Hänsel came to Mannheim to help, among other things, on the development of Ana Fernandez’ Argentinean-set “Mudo” (Impronta Films, Spain).

Uruguay’s Ana Tipa visited to consult on a coproduction deal memo for her theatrical version of documentary “Dos Hitleres”. While London’s Julian Friedmann was in town as executive producer on the literary adaptation of the potent “Girl made of Dust” project based on the novel by Nathalie Abi-Ezzi. From the Mannheim-Heidelberg 2012 Line-up, producer-director Leonid Fomin (“First Time for Everything”) took a crash course in co-production with MMP in the month before the Festival and came up with a creditable international project “Tania”, open for European co-production.

Sales and Acquisitions 

Though the accent remains on enabling co-production for first and second feature majority producers, MMP also looks for distributors and especially sales agents for pick-up of world rights for titles from the IFF MANNHEIM HEIDELBERG Festival Line-up and ongoing MMP projects. Thus a plan for closer general MMP cooperation with  Festival Line-up guests, not only stopping at questions of international sales for their completed projects but questions concerning further projects was started and will be elaborated further in 2013.

MMP 2013

All professionals involved in the acquisition, or all forms of distribution of, first or second features of artistic merit (and VOD thereof in particular), are also welcome to seek accreditation for MMP 2013 (over 50% of MMP participants work in acquisitions in all major sectors.) 

Submissions for MMP 2013 co-production are especially encouraged over the summer period, but should arrive no later than September 1st 2013. Projects are welcome for world-wide matching – whether from Columbia to Norway, Germany to S. Korea, Uruguay to S.Africa or Bulgaria to Bosnia...

Contact and enquiries are welcome. The MMP co-production project application criteria can be found on this site at Producer Guidelines 2013 under the blue MANNHEIM MEETING PLACE tab.

Looking forward,

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