MMP 2012

6-month Round-up at Cannes FF 2013 – some Results

Every year, six months after the last Mannheim Meeting Place , we go out and check what in fact the last event (November 2012) has brought in real terms so far.

Here we list some of the concrete achievements from MMP 2012 that show the myriad of ways that MMP can help start-up producers and first features develop their professional profiles.





Majority producers:


MMP producer Rula Nasser of Jordan’s Imaginarium Films has now teamed Rifqi Assaf , Jordanian-Palestinian first feature director and script writer of movie "The Curve", with MMP Resident for Cinematography Piotr Kwiatkowski- Jaxa, (SCS)

on location in Amman Jordan (now shooting). Piotr has an exceptional life-long reputation in art photography and has worked with many leading Polish directors (í.a. Kieslowski.)


MMP producer Leo Wurm of UK-based Lightvalve has been employing the talents of ex-Londoner script-writer Anna Piwowarska in Warsaw for a re-write on project “New Listing” - ”, the adventures of an aspirational Polish girl seeking a better life for herself in England. The relationship was set up through MMP with help from Poland’s PIS. With an original script by UK writer Ian Skelton and director of award-winning short films and commercials David Andrew Ware attached, the project will shoot in Poland and on location in South London.

Leonid Fomin of Russia, whose “First Time for Everything” (prod. Leonid Fomin Studio, Moscow) graced the IFF Mannheim Heidelberg International Discoveries section in 2012, got himself a crash course in international co-production with MMP 2012 . The result so far has been very close script development on new feature “Maja” together with MMP Resident William Furnivall.

Minority producers:

Pavlina Jeleva of Bulgaria’s Geopoly ( )Cached - Similarhas joined up with Stelios Ziannis of Aktis Film ( ) to co-produce with Ukraine’s (Fresh Production UA) and Georgia’s Studio 0. “URSUS / Caucasian Brown Bear” is a ca. €2.6m. budget fantasy road movie that has finished domestic funding in Ukraine & just received its Georgian grant Next Bulgaria and Germany are pending. Shooting will be in all 4 territories with Bulgaria planned to take the major slice (up to 40% of the shoot), while Ziannis is active going after Digital Effects funding in Germany.

Film Music/ Production

George Christopoulos of Oticons, ( ) the MMP Resident for Film Music, is keeping busy advising no less than half a dozen MMP 2012 producers. Among them:

Work on Bolivian co-production “Tune of the Wind” with Paola Gosalvez’ Puccaro Productions, where sound design and composing have now been slotted (but not yet financed) from Sweden. A further “unnamed Inca King opera” project for development together with Oticons has already Belgium’s Dirk Brosse attached to score.

Dokument’s Ines Tanovic has been brought together with UK composer Richard Anthony Jay, who sent a demo based on a previous short, thus paving a way to cooperation on a next feature.

MMP also connected Oticons with Vilnius’ ERA Film ( ), where experienced Documentary Co-producer Rasa Myskinyte is preparing her first feature co-production “Escaping Sunshine” to be shot in Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, Germany and Denmark .(Danish partner: Bullitt Film)

“Escaping Sunshine” is one co-production aimed at the Mannheim process for MMP 2013 – ERA are working for full financing by June 2014. Depending on need, ERA seem set to be one of the Central European companies successfully dividing co-production effort between Mannheim and Cottbus this year in what promises to be a very full first November week.

Finally Aktis also sold a feature package to Australia’s Mark Spratt of Potential films, at MMP for the first time.

MMP 2012 saw HRT (Croatian Tv) turn up for the first time , looking out for their new film Channel 3. In addition to a package still being finalized with Stelios Ziannis library titles the first item to be confirmed by HRT Buyer Kreso Zubcic and Programmer Dean Sosa was Park Entertainment’s “K9” spin-off from Dr.Who, (26v24’), Also in the works for Aktis was Germany’s own Mulewapp series (26x5’), while a potential Iranian package is being put together for HRT by Katayoon Shahabi.

Katayoon  Shahabi's new Paris based international sales company, Noori Pictures,  also recently  picked  up Kadija Leclere's "Sac de Farine" (2012)   from the IFF Mannheim  Heidelberg  2012  Line-up. The Belgian-French-Moroccan  co-production tells the adventures of a small girl  growing  up in Belgium who is kidnapped to Morocco by her Muslim father.


After starting at MMP 2012 with the London Film School, MMP 2013 is expanding to add EAVE, Edinburgh Film Festival’s Talent Lab, BadenWüttemberg’s own MFG (public fund) and Film Teep (Romania) to it’s talent-sharing pool – which aims, as ever, at start-up producers with artistic ambition submitting forMannheim Meeting Place (5th to 8th November 2013) - a part of IFF Mannheim Heidelberg.

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