MMP 2011

News No. 3

MANNHEIM MEETING PLACE 2011 News Update – September

For latecomers, and for those who didn’t follow them, Producer Guidelines for MMP 2011 submissions can be referred to here.


Events at this year’s Mannheim Meeting Place (16th to 19th November) have been announced:


-17th November 14.00-18.00

In line with MMP policy of support for first and second feature film (co)producers, MMP will start off with a Co-producer Session on 17th November.

Several producers , often with a large amount of co-production experience into their respective territories will illustrate present  possibilities and recent changes. The update on co-production from Canada will be the experienced Elizabeth Yake ( while Jordan’s situation will be introduced by busy Rula Nasser, of whom more can be heard in other sections of this year’s events.
Kaisu Isto, a Film Commissioner from the Finnish Film Foundation will give her take on present co-production with Finland from a funder’s point of view. As one of the production consultants at the FFF, Kaisu also greenlights coproductions.

Pavlina Jeleva ( will expound on domestic advantagesfor co-production in Bulgaria, amply drawing on her experience of the 7 feature films and feature-length documentaries she has coproduced so far, while Rasa Miskinyté (, relaxing from her exertions in co-production with Japan, will update on Lithuania.

After a break, the session will be rounded off by a valuable, detailed, and hands-on account of the basics of co-producing  with and shooting in the present-day United States made by the highly capable MMP 2011 Resident for US Production Debbie Elbin.













“SO I HAVE A SALE AND NOW I HAVE TO APPROVE THE SALES AGREEMENT “–  a detailed look at what producers need to know when signing a sales contract

- Friday 18th November, 10.00 to 13.00 (optional continuation: 14.30 to 16.00)

Together with MMP 2011 Resident for Legal and Film Finance William Furnivall and other guests, a territorial license agreement written by a leading world entertainment company for producer signature will be analyzed. All pitfalls included.


-Friday 18th November 16.30 – 18.00 with Julian Friedmann.

“What are the main problems in producing a film from a literary adaptation and what are the benefits?

Is a best-selling literary source, be it fiction or graphic novel, any different from an unpublished novel on its way to becoming a film, tv series, computer game or mobile phone episode? Why do so many scripts turn into disappointing and economic failures?”

Julian Friedmann , the highly experienced London-based Literary Agent, who is MMP 2011 Resident for Literary Adaptation speaks and looks at whether (co)production causes more problems than it solves for literary adaptations. What are the traps and dangers?


We remind you that MMP Residents are experts in their fields who are available and agree to offer advice and experience to all MMP 2011 participants leading up to and during MANNHEIM MEETING PLACE.

Resident for Legal and Financial

William Furnivall

William Furnivall and his company, Cosmosis Ltd mark a (modest but) definite legend in UK entertainment law - since starting asa solicitor in 1977 William always and steadfastly refused to join a legal practice and thus has remained a true independent to this day. His experience in entertainment law and many years spent in actual film production and production supervision around the world (the latter on literally over 100 feature films) make up an offer that is almost unique, while his years of film finance work include association with another legend in that area - John Heyman. Recent years have brought consultant roles in the financing and development of World Wide Web products and attendant Software Manufacturing as well as Internet & Computer Security Services in the USA, UK and Canada , and international media statistics.
Taking full advantage of modern communications, William today works from the island of Koh Samui in Thailand.
email: cosmosis[at]

Resident for US Production

Debbie Elbin
Debbie Elbin is founder and President of NY Picture Company Inc which continues to develop for the US market as a production company, co-producer and co-financier, including cash-flowing services of international subsidies on a case-by-case basis.
Through its subsidiary, PS:USA, Inc., NY Picture Company Inc also facilitates international producers who wish to produce in the US using the new US federal and state tax incentives.

In the past Debbie Elbin has held executive positions with both US majors and independents.

Among them: VP Production and Head of Sony Russia; Executive i/c Production Columbia Tri-Star Film und Fernseh GmbH, Köln, Germany; and she acted as Production Consultant on "Speedracer" for Warner Brothers.

Her experience stretches far into both sides of the Atlantic, where she has also produced for multiple directors from Sidney Lumet to Hal Hartley.

She is currently co-producing with production companies in Germany, France and PRC.
email: info[at]

Resident for Literary Adaptation

Julian Friedmann
Julian Friedmann is co-owner of the Blake Friedmann Literary Agency ( and was the publisher of "ScriptWriter" Magazine, which became the online resource for writers at

Julian represents both book and scriptwriters and also acts as Executive Producer for and with clients.

He has taught at universities and film schools all over the world, is the author of "How to Make Money Scriptwriting" and editor of two volumes on "Writing Long-Running Television Series".

He designed the MA in Television Scriptwriting at De Montfort University and PILOTS, for developing long-running television series for the EU MEDIA Programme.

He is Senior Advisor to the London Screenwriting Festival.

email: Julian[at]

MMP 2011: - Participants by Region (as known on 5th September 2011):

Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, U.K.

Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Serbia, Turkey

Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden

Israel, Jordan

South Africa

Brazil, Canada, USA

Korea, India


Julek Kedzierski, Coordinator
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