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New Master of Cinema

The prize category NEW MASTER OF CINEMA is being awarded for the first time at the 62th International Film Festival Mannheim-Heidelberg.

The re-naming of this renowned prize is like a recollection of the festival?s origins. The tradition goes back to the early 60s, when young filmmakers still had no forum to connect with each other. While in the past mainly forerunner of the international writer-director films were awarded, the focus is increasingly set on newcomers from all over the world nowadays.

The award concentrates on the newcomers worldwide, with real premières, mostly the first ones in Europe. The films are chosen due to high-quality criteria: real talents, real discoveries. Because how many of these newcomers will direct a second or even a third and fourth film?

We live in times of consisting launches, new starts, of a media industry which is literally running the new talents into the ground, tests and then dismisses them. It is the exact opposite of sustainability and actually an enormous waste of young talents. The new honor prize should point at this particular situation and annually award a great new director talent who has made it and has countered the trend towards the exploitation of newcomers; who has made it to move on with his or her work. 


These directors were priced with the NEW MASTER OF CINEMA Award:

Frédéric Fonteyne (2013) // Laudatio

Geoffrey Enthoven (2014) // Laudatio