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Great Cinema is art

With the Master of Cinema Award, the International Filmfestival Mannheim-Heidelberg honors directors who as authors have promoted the art of cinema both uncompromisingly and with artistic innovation, cinema artists who have created an author cinema with its own signature. This award is given to auteurs who create works of film art opposed to films which should be understood without a problem by everybody. Films that stand out from mainstream cinema like marvels of poetic "enchantment of reality" (Dr. Michael Kötz), auteur films that have the right to allow as much character as possible, free from all prototypes.


These directors were priced with the Master of Cinema Award:

Theo Angelopoulos (1998) // Laudatio

Otar Iosseliani (1999) // Laudatio

Zhang Yimou (2002) // Laudatio

Raoul Ruiz (2003) // Laudatio

Edgar Reitz (2004) // Laudatio

Wim Wenders (2004) // Laudatio

Aleksandr Sokurov (2006) // Laudatio

Atom Egoyan (2009) // Laudatio

Andreas Dresen (2011) // Laudatio

Olivier Assayas (2015) // Laudatio