The Award Winners of the 67th International Filmfestival Mannheim-Heidelberg

Foto (v.l.n.r.): Dr. Peter Kurz (Mayor Mannheim), Ali Mosaffa („Orange Days“), Karelle Tremblay („The Fireflies Are Gone“), Theresia Bauer (Minister), Jürgen Odszuck (Mayor Heidelberg), Director Jean-Philippe Gaud („Tazzeka“), Director Dr. Michael Kötz, María Monserrat Sánchez Soler (Jury) and Michel Demopoulos (Jury)


Mannheim/Heidelberg, 24 November 2018 – The Award Winners have now been officially announced. The International Jury oft he 67th International Film Festival Mannheim-Heidelberg

Liane Jessen, Michel Demopoulos und María Monserrat Sánchez Soler

awards the


Orange Days by Arash Lahooti / Iran

The International Filmfestival Mannheim-Heidelberg focused on extraordinary female figures this year. Many of these characters are not classic heroes who set out on a hero’s journey, advance and succeed – no, they are everyday heroes, mastering survival under the most difficult of circumstances. Age, poverty, failed relationships or a society that is organized against women, these films illustrate inspiring resistance against these circumstances. Our Grand Newcomer Award Mannheim-Heidelberg goes to a film in which a woman – not young, not beautiful, not friendly – tries with all her might to change her life – in a country in which woman are not necessarily allowed to do so. The realism of this film shows us a world in which the dreams of women have no place – but instead only by fighting against the system can possibilities be opened for women. In this light, this film with its outstanding leading lady Hadieh Tehrani, is the winner of this year’s Grand Newcomer Award Mannheim-Heidelberg: “Orange Days“.



“The Fireflies Are Gone” by Sébastien Pilote / Kanada

The Talent Award Mannheim-Heidelberg goes to an unconventionally told film. By „ unconventionally told “ we don’t simply mean difficult Arthouse dramaturgy, which tells the story in an enigmatic manner, but instead also tells “the good old story” in a different way. This year we have chosen a film whose unusual narrative describes a very normal thing – the romantic love between a man and a woman. This film sidesteps this opportunity, instead it speaks elegantly of the opportunities and downs of a friendship between a man and a woman. Showing this makes the film exceptional in the way it masters a coming of age. This year’s Talent Award goes to “The Fireflies Are Gone“ by Sébastien Pilote.



Christian Malheiros in “Socrates“ / Brazil

A jury watches a lot of films. If one thing sticks with you that you don’t forget, it is often a face. In this case it is the face of Christian Malheiros in the Brazilian Film “Socrates“. The worry, the happiness and the hope in this face – and his fight in the big city jungle of São Paolo – will not soon be forgotten by those who see it. That is why this year’s Special Jury Award goes to the actor Christian Malheiros in the film “Socrates”.



Vivian Wu  in „Dead Pigs“ / China



the FIPRESCI-Jury – Martin Botha (South Africa), Marina Kostova (Macedonia) and Martin Wolkner (Germany)  – decided to award

 Orange Days by Arash Lahooti / Iran

The FIPRESCI jury awards “Orange Days” by Arash Lahooti with the International Film Critics‘ Prize. Based on a screenplay co-written by Lahooti, the filmmaker achieves to capture spot-on restrained acting in a technically and formally accomplished drama. Breaking the mould of an individual´s struggle against obstacles, he portrays a woman stubbornly taking her own fate into her hands in economically tense and male-dominated rural areas of Iran. The jury applauds the classical approach and the visual coherence. 



the Ecumenical Jury – Dr. Sofia Sjö (Finland), Annette Jungen-Rutishhauser (Switzerland), Lothar Strüber (Germany), Ildima Nevelös-Forgács (Hungary) and Dr. Viktor Kókai-Nagy (Hungary) – decided to award


Orange Days by Arash Lahooti / Iran

The prize of the ecumenical jury goes to a film about having the strength to care for others when you risk loosing everything and being a true partner and real family in the midst of adversary. With simple but visually appealing images, close-ups that highlight the actors’ talent and a narrative that includes suspense, tragedy and humor the director tells a unique and moving story about family, love, respect, and oranges.



Elke Hoffmann (Zoom Kino Brühl), Werner Hoffmann (Zoom Kino Brühl), Lina Winkler (Kinowelt Diessen am Ammersee) and Melanie Hoffmann (Kinokult e.V. Ludwigsburg)

“The Fireflies Are Gone” by Sébastien Pilote / Canada

What to do when the future lies ahead and one doesn’t know what role to take in the theater of life? Taking steps like a young Mustang, Léonie fights through the longest summer before the serious side of life begins. The film wins over its audience with lightness, subtle humor, tender melancholy – and the best air drummer in the history of film. A film to fall in love with!

“Tazzeka” by Jean-Philippe Gaud / France & Marokko


What connects us with our homeland the most? For Elias it is the spices and the smells of his Grandmother’s kitchen. This modern fairytale has all the ingredients for a successful comedy, entertains us with exquisite cooking sequences and delivers a message of understanding among nations along the way.

“Orange Days” by Arash Lahooti / Iran

Can a strong woman succeed in business in a world dominated by men? Carried by an excellent lead actress, this film uses the picturesque micro-cosmos of an orange grove – as well as excellent storytelling and cinematography to show us facets of societal change in Iran.



„Tazzeka“ by Jean-Philippe Gaud / Frankreich-Marokko


The 67th International Filmfestival Mannheim-Heidelberg takes place: 15 – 25 November 2018.