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This site contains information about the festival venues.

If you're looking for information about how to get to the festival cities, please visit Getting there 

Festival venues in Mannheim are situated at Stadthaus N1 (Kino im Stadthaus I and Kino im Stadthaus II) and Kino Atlantis (Cinema Atlantis) in K2, 32; all venues are located in downtown Mannheim. 
In Heidelberg, the venues are called Kino im Schlossgarten I, Kino im Schlossgarten II and Kino im Schlossgarten III, all situated in the park around the famous Heidelberg Castle.

All venues except Kino Atlantis are wheelchair-accessible. 



Once again the Stadthaus N1 in Mannheim will be the centre of the Festival in particular for the various number of international guests and industry professionals as much as for the audience.
There are two cinemas located in the Stadthaus, which is directly at the Paradeplatz: Kino im Stadthaus I and - right next door in the same building - Kino im Stadthaus II.
Films are also shown at Mannheim's most beautiful arthouse cinema: Kino Atlantis, address K2, 32.


Getting there: Cinema "Stadthaus I" and Cinema "Stadthaus II"



By public transport: Please take tramline 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 until stop "Paradeplatz", which is right in front of the Stadthaus.

By carFollow the signs towards city centre ("Stadtmitte"). From there on the parking garage N1/N2 and C1 (both opened 24/7) are provided with road signs.


Cinema "Atlantis" at K2, 32

By public transport: Please take tramline 1, 3, 4, 5 or 7 until stop "Abendakademie". You can get there alternatively by taking tramline 2 or bus line 53, 61 and 62 until stop "Kurpfalzbrücke". From there on it is only a short-term footpath.

By car: Follow the direction sign towards city centre ("Stadtmitte"). From there on the parking garage U2 at the Herschelplatz and G1 at the Marktplatz (both opened 24/7) are provided with road signs. Within short walking distance you reach Kino Atlantis.


The festival will take place high above the city of Heidelberg on the ground of the famous Heidelberg Castle. Two heated and cozy tents right beside the enlightened castle offer place for a delightful rest (Kino im Schlossgarten I and Kino im Schlossgarten II). You can get there easy and free of cost by funicular. This was sponsored by "Staatliche Schlösser und Gärten Baden Württemberg", the puplic construction authority, HBS and Heidelberg's funicular.


Getting there: Cinema "im Schlossgarten" I , II and III


By funicular: You can get from valley stop "Kornmarkt" within two minutes to stop "Schloss". For attendees of the festival the funicular is free of cost.

By public transport: Please take bus line 30 or 33 until stop "Rathaus". From there on you can take the funicular to get to the castle.

By car: The parking garage P12 and P13 (both opened 24/7) are provided with road signs from the Friedrich-Ebert-Complex on. You can take the funicular from there.
You can just as well follow the road signs leading to the castle from the Friedrich-Ebert-Complex on. Please note: there is only limited parking space at the "Schloss-Wolfsbrunnenweg". The festival grounds are within short walking distance.


How does the funicular transport work?

Operating from 9.00 am to 1.30 am
All visitors of the festival receive a free round-trip ticket for the funicular at  the valley station. The last skid from stop "Schloss" will be at 1.30 am.